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Warehousing changes in Palemonas

Schema kaip pasiekti TPC sandėlius Palemono g. 171, Kaune

Our closed customs warehouse in Kaunas, Palemono str. 171 (in the territory of “Tiekimo” cargo post of Kaunas territorial customs and close to the Vilnius – Klaipeda highway) has expanded up to 2000 m² and a 1500 m² open customs warehouse suitable for keeping oversized loads, automobiles for sales in transit, carriers, trailers, semi-trailers has opened nearby. The place for checking and presenting goods is 1150 m². Nearby is the ordinary warehouse of 1500 m². We also have scales for vehicles.

There we have all our services in one place – we not only store, provide all customs procedures, certificates for trailers, do loading for railway carriage, but also sort, pack, label and mark, provide printed information, etc. for all kind of goods.

Please address: +370 687 71 344 Giedrius.


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