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Services of our Palemonas division for your convenience


New warehouse with a railway branch and a 5 t. loader for non-gabarit cargo. All customs brokerage services. In the territory of customs post near Klaipeda – Vilnius highway. Secured parking lot.

Services of Palemonas division customs broker are convenient and of a wide-range: TIR-Carnet, export, import, approval certificates for the customs seals, customs guarantees, TIR-EPD, PI, EPI, ETD – most of the services for placing goods under the customs procedures and crossing the border are provided there. If the highway Klaipeda – Kaunas is in your route, the Palemonas customs cargo post “Tiekimas” is a really convenient place for documents’ handling as the territory of the customs is really close to the highway.

Certificates. If you need EUR1, A.TR or other certificates of origin please address the employee of our Palemonas division Lina.

Invitations for visas-issue. We handle the formalities and provide invitations for employees of the companies from Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Regarding customs brokerage please call +370 656 99 741 or +370 687 71 344 (24/7) or send an email to palemonas@tpc.eu.

Regarding warehouse please call +370 656 99 731 or send an email to cargo@tpc.eu. 


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