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Lithuanian carriers are the fifth mostly using TIR-EPD system in the world


"According to the data provided by IRU, Lithuanian carriers in the European Union descend only to the Polish neighbors on the number of TIR carnets declared under the TIR-EPD module. According to the aggregate figures Lithuania in other regions of the world only surpasses Iran, Turkey and Belarus", says Bronislavas Gelezhoonas, Chairman of the TIR and Customs Committee of the Lithuanian National Carriers Association Linava.

Association Linava in 2017 according to the number of TIR carnets issued rose from 7th to 6th place and overtook Belarus. More than in Lithuania the TIR carnets are issued in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Iran.

TIR-EPD is a modern business tool that allows you to gain a competitive advantage over other carriers. It is an electronic platform that saves both time and money. It is also possible to initiate a transit procedure with this system. It is not surprising, therefore, that in order to remain competitive, Lithuanian carriers accepted this innovation favorably and are one of the leaders in the world in terms of their use. There are also more advantages of the TIR-EPD system. B. Gelezhoonas points out that the Electronic Transit Declaration (ETD) is mandatory for crossing the border of the Russian Federation since January 1. An ETD is not required for those using the TIR-EPD system.

Documents for pre-notification for customs procedures can be initiated in a variety of ways and in different places. You can see the locations of documents initiation on this map (addresses of the places where documents are accepted). There you can also retrieve the TIR-EPD pre-declaration code for the customs authorities. Please note that the Transit Service Center serves customers are served for that 24 hours a day / 7 days a week not only in the blue marked places of the map, but also in Latvia (on the way to Daugavpils) and remotely - all over the world. For 24 / 7 service contact us by Imo, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram or a simple telephone number: +370 655 71 985.


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