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Christmas “surprise” for carriers - reinforced procedures in Kaliningrad region border customs


From this week, carriers are confronted with the news - the customs of the Russian Federation (RF) are reinforcing the requirements to inform customs officers two hours before entering Kaliningrad region territory.

So far, the practice has been followed to inform one hour before the arrival of the vehicle at the RF border customs post, sometimes it was possible to do it later.

There are two ways to inform - to date, by using an online preliminary informing (PI - rus. ПИ (предварительноe информирование) and the platform of the electronic transit declaration system (ETD - rus. ЭТД  - электронная транзитная декларация), which is being newly introduced in Russia.

With the introduction of the new “e-reforms” at the Russian Customs, ETDs will not need to be followed separately by PI. From the upcoming 2018, such a procedure is foreseen to be introduced at all Russian border customs offices.

"Now the situation for Lithuanian carriers is changing significantly - without prior information, there is a risk of in-depth inspection, or even the unloading of the cargo or the return of the vehicle back to the territory of the European Union," said Giedrius Lubas, director of Customs Broker "Transit Services Center", JSC (UAB “Tranzito paslaugų centras”), which already provides ETD filling services for 2 months - from the beginning of their introduction.

For more information, please call: Giedrius Lubas +370 687 71 344


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