About us



All customs brokerage procedures and services, including:

Import and export, transit, customs warehousing, supervised processing, temporary admission (as well as processing), outward processing, re-export, reimport. All services are provided together with provision of the necessary certificates and other documents, electronic transport manifests and the electronic submission of all relevant data. We represent our clients at customs serving various means of goods transportation.

We provide services simply and exactly to the point!

We shall serve you and offer assistance at the most suitable point of your route. In case of transit, the driver will get the necessary information on smartphone. If you have a valid long-term service agreement with us (enabling payments after handling the service), there shall be no need to visit our office. After the in-time electronic transfer of the necessary documents to us, you will not need to wait at the customs office.

We are offering assistance 24/7!

Transit procedures with the help of our call-center and export procedures in Kaunas and Klaipėda (port) are carried out 24/7. Permanently open guarded parking lots in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Kybartai are available for your convenience. We consult and provide the necessary assistance 24/7.

We work in every market!

Customs procedures in Lithuania and outside - Latvia, Norway, Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan will be carried out by our group offices and partners, who are native speakers, and have the best practical understanding of  the laws and market specifics of the respective countries.

We have an assistance network which ensure help for our customers wherever they are. We issue customs obligations guarantees not only to the customs of European Union countries but also to Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia), members of European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland), and also Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan or Georgia, etc.

We provide customs broker services also outside Lithuania. For example, we can arrange a transit declaration and a customs obligation guarantee when you are passing through the Polish border from the Ukrainian side, the Estonian or Latvian border from Russian Federation, or leaving Norway, Switzerland or Germany.

We can help you cross the borders faster and cheaper!

We are among several customs brokers who are authorized to offer TIR-EPD module for declaring electronic data from the IRU Association, which helps us to provide pre-border data to border customs authorities more efficiently. In non-TIR haulage, we are ready to offer preliminary information (PI) for Russian Federation customs offices and preliminary electronic information (EPI) for Belarus customs offices. For exporters from Lithuania we also provide an electronic export manifest and simplified export procedure services to accelerate the process.

Let us start with introduction of handling and storage service opportunities we offer.

We can load, unload, reload your cargo. Small services as repositioning and attachment of your insufficiently fixed cargo are offered, too. To complete these tasks we have storage facilities of different storage regimes in convenient places for cargo distribution near customs posts and/or our customs broker's representatives - in Kaunas, also near the highway Vilnius – Klaipėda and railway (Palemonas), in Klaipėda (port) – both these also provide railroad loading works. Secured parking in these locations are operating 24/7. There is exclusive assistance for our clients at the customs post in Kybartai (border with Kaliningrad) in the custom’s checking cases when it is necessary to organize and carry out cargo reloading and its inspection or even dismantling of the vehicle. In addition, we assume liability for damage to the goods and vehicle.

We do not only perform cargo loading and preparing for haulage but also provide procedures such as weighting, sorting, packing, repacking, production of needed packing materials, marking and attaching of stickers and labels, placing printed information, etc.

We help deliver the cargo in the most optimal way.

We forward various cargo in all desired directions by road, rail, air and water transport door-to-door. We have exclusive railway branches in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Daugavpils (Latvia). For our customers, we can offer different types of wagons and containers.

We provide all interrelated services.

We handle:

- CMR, consignment notes, invoices, proformas, value declarations, loading lists, specifications, TIR carnets, etc. documents;

- invitations to individuals (company employees) from third-countries to receive visas.

We also perform search and analysis of various information about companies and individuals, provide consultations on customs, taxation, transport, labor, business law, other assistance services (e.g. we can carry out negotiations on supply contracts in the native language of respective market).

We provide supreme quality of services for East Europe.

Our group employs professional specialists whose qualifications are assessed by international certificates, who are continuously trained not only in Lithuania but also abroad. We speak a common language with our customers and partners. We can advise and assist on more than just customs and logistics related matters. We value our reputation and strictly adhere to international business ethics standards. We apply flexible service, good prices and flexible pricing principles. We may settle payments for our services in other currency than euro. It’s easy and convenient with us.

In the recent years, there is a significant rise in the number of companies which sign long-term contracts with us, entrusting us with the bulk or all our services in customs and logistics.

Among these companies, we are proud to have not only carriers and forwarders, but some of the leading world traders, manufacturers, processors, service providers (including electricity, gas, repair service providers).